The History of Houstondale

Houstondale is steeped in history dating back to the late 1700's when Mr. John L. Lyon first claimed the land on the banks of Houston's Creek.  He knew the land was valuable, but he was never able to see it come to fruition.  He had to make his way back North, and the development of Houstodale was left in the hands of James McClintock.  It wasn't long before it began to flourish, with water from the creek, it made it's place in history as a profitable place of residence.

 In 1847 Henry Croxton acquired the piece of land, and built the main house for his wife and their 11 children.  It was his eldest son that would become a lawyer, befriend Abraham Lincoln, and become one of only two people in Paris,KY that voted for the man to become President.  He states in one of his journal entries that he went to the polls armed for fear that he might encounter some trouble.  The Croxton's didn't have the home long, and there is much speculation surrounding the reasons why.  What we do know is that it was causing turmoil within the family. 

The primary estate was constructed with the Greek Revival architecture and completed somewhere around the mid 1800's. To this day you can visit the estate and see the hand forged nails in the floors, the original closets under the staircase, and touch the plastered walls.  Those at Houstondale take pride in preserving the history, sharing the stories, and carrying on some of the old traditions of trade.  What was true then is true today, there is something very special about this piece of land.